DJ Vancouver | FAQ

Q. Do you have an extensive music library with all styles of music?
Yes, we have on average 15 000 songs, everything from 50’s to today’s music. With today’s technology we are also able to download songs on site.

Q. Do you have a music subscription service?
Yes, we have two sources available to us.

Q. Do you have liablility Insurance?
Yes, up to 2 Million in coverage

Q. Do you take on-site requests?
Definitely, we love great requests. If they are inappropriate requests we will double check with the person who is “paying” us if it is ok or not.

Q. Can I provide Deft Audio with a list of music to play or not to play?
Yes, send as as many songs as you’d like. We will also use our own judgement if we think a song is appropriate for the kind of event. 

Q. What do you do if no one is dancing?
We try our best to play to the demographic of people at the event, sometimes we’ll make a mic announcement that we take song requests and that often works, but it’s not very common for people to not dance at all.

Q. Do you mix music or are there long spaces of silence between songs?
We mix every song together so it’s a gapless playlist, we also beat match whenever we can, so sometimes you don’t know the song has even changed. 

Q. How many speakers do you bring and how powerful are they?
We bring 2 NX55P’s which are 550 watts each which is a total of 1100 watts of power, more than enough for 200 people dancing. If the event is in a large venue we would bring a sub woofer to add extra power. 

Q. How long has Deft Audio been in business?
Deft Audio began in 2009. 

Q. Do you play songs with profanities?
We don’t like to, unless told otherwise. Most events we do are family friendly so we like to keep it PG. This is a difficult task today as songs more commonly have explicit lyrics.

Q. Who will be the DJ at our wedding?
If you request a specific DJ and they are available, they’re yours. If no one is specifically requested, we will provide you with the Deft Audio DJ best suited to your event. 

Q. Will we meet up with you?
We don’t mind grabbing a coffee and discussing your event, but we know people have busy lives especially before their wedding, so we are able to do everything via our software and email if that suits you.

Q. Do you offer Emcee Services?
Typically no, but we don’t mind making announcements, but we also don’t want to show up and be told we are the Emcee for the night and be taken advantage of (because we are really nice guys). We find that the best Emcees are people that know you.

Q. What if there was an emergency and you couldn’t make it to our event?
We do have a few guys on our team, so in a emergency we would get someone to cover. 

Q. How does payment work?
We require a $100 deposit with the contract which holds the date and the remainder is paid the night of  your event via cheque or cash to Deft Audio. 

Q. When do you arrive?
We give ourselves 1.5 hours to set up but typically we actually get there 2 hours before guest arrive just to be sure.

Q. What do you wear?
We make sure we are dressed appropriately depending on the kind of event. If you are having a formal event we make sure we fit in with the correct attire.

Q. Do you charge per hour?
We do not, we charge per event so if your event goes till 3am we are there, we won’t come in between you and your guests having a good time. Usually times are discussed before and those are the times we prepare for. This does not include ceremony sound. 

Q. Do you take breaks?
During the dancing portion we are mixing so we are unable to take a break, but before the dancing starts typically we have some downtime. 

Q. Do you smoke and drink?
None of the Deft Audio team smoke, so no smoke breaks are needed.  We are always professional and responsible as we drive to and from events, so the last thing we want to do is endanger ourselves or others. 

Q. Will you advertise at our event?
Definitely not. No signs, no banners, no yelling our company name in the mic. We have cards in our bags, and are available if requested. We believe we are hired and paid to be at your event to fit in with decor and not be a distraction, as it’s not about us. We are there to provide a service not to advertise. 

Q. Do you offer a contract?
Yes, we have software that creates a contract and let’s you sign it with your computer and make the deposit with pay pal to book your event. 

Q. Do you do ceremony sound?
Yes, but it is an extra charge, as it usually requires us to be there much earlier in the day and is often at a different venue. 

Q. Do you talk on the microphone?
Generally we let the music do the talking for us, again we don’t want to take away from what is already going on at your event, we want to fit in. So typically we won’t be talking much, but we don’t mind saying a few things.  

Q. Is Deft Audio a full time gig?
No, but a large portion of our time is dedicated to it, as most events fall on evenings and weekends.

Q. Can we hear a sample of music?
Under Youtube just search “deft audio” and the first video is a live recording from a wedding.

Q. How do we tell you what music we want?
We have an online form, (Questionnaire) which will walk you through all the important music sections of your event. It will ask you what styles and songs you would like played. Above and beyond that you are welcome to send us music lists via email or in the general comments box at the end of the online form.

Q. Do you require a table and how much space do you need?
We need at least a 6ft table and the smallest space we need would be the 6ft table plus about 3 feet on either side with some room behind the table for a chair. 

Q. Where will you set up?
As close to the dance floor as possible and close to power, but with that said, we’ve been put in the smallest corners of the room far away from everything and it worked out alright, but it would be best close to the dance floor.